The Business Leader

Agile in his thinking with a creative approach to business, Dr. Vivek can readily feel the pulse of the market and cater to its needs. He has a keen foresight, understands the market astutely, and can spot futuristic trends with total ease. It is his genius and knowledge that led him to finally achieve his doctorate degree.

Salesmanship and Marketing

For Dr. Vivek, the passion for marketing runs in his veins. During his experiments with marketing, he coined the term Nukkad marketing, which meant neighbourhood marketing. He has recently coined the term sniper marketing. He says, “Today it is more about individual, personalised, and user experience marketing. It’s the time for ‘Narrow-casting’ not ‘Broadcasting’.

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Dr. Vivek has unique salesmanship skills. He doesn’t believe in a set format of sales. He feels, “People have ideas but they don’t implement. Out-of-the-box thinking is needed”. His desire to share this knowledge with students has led him to be a guest lecturer, motivational speaker, and mentor for students as well as entrepreneurs.

Ideas and Implementation

Dr. Vivek says, “We ideate, we learn, we motivate, and implement. Give the ideas a shot. If you are successful it’s great, if you don’t you simply fail”.

Even as a budding entrepreneur, Dr. Vivek displayed the skill of making the best use of the resources at hand. His readiness to implement new ideas and meet new people led to a successful business deal. Two ladies, one being of foreign origin and the other from an expat club wanted to do something special for foreigners. Dr. Vivek’s office building had received a UNESCO heritage award, and he had recently made a new showroom. So he along with the other directors and team members made a calculative and strategic move by offering his place for the event.

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Dr. Vivek also suggested conducting a tour and arranged everything from a professional guide, a microphone to a BEST single-decker bus. Invitations were sent out, and, finally, they covered 32 sites with more than 22 passengers and 8 standees. The first meeting was launched at the Flagship Showroom. People walked in for free, the ex-pats paid for the bus, and Lawrence & Mayo got publicity as well as walk-in customers. His initiative of a tour for the foreigners was an out-of-box thinking idea and a huge hit.

Discipline and Organization

Dr. Vivek adheres to his uncle’s words, “Meeting before the Meeting”. This indicates the habit of being thoroughly organized. Working carefully and persistently on the details before any meeting is important. Dr. Vivek meets his directors regularly with seriously and meticulously planned out agendas and concepts. His strong organizational skills has led him to earn the appointment of Secretary General at The Federation of Indo.
– Israeli Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Recognition and Respect

For him, two most powerful words are RECOGNITION and RESPECT. He says, “Always recognize people who have done a good deed and convey it them. This is very important”. He writes 240 thank you notes a year and gives them to his team members. He even gives personalized handwritten notes of appreciation along with a small gift as a token to employees who receive good client feedback.

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The attrition rate in his organization is 0.5. People working with him for a minimum of 5 years tend to stay for life. He focuses on constantly challenging them, giving them new ideas, and caring for them. With nine training centers, he is pushing his employees towards excellence. He arranges eight to fourteen training programs per year, to help them constantly raise their bar.

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.
– Tom Fishburne