Traits that Define Him

The Observant Expert

Since childhood, he loved to learn from people. He says, “I always shadowed the leaders from an ambitious aspect to be the next leader as well as to learn from them”. He learnt from his mentors’ mannerisms and followed the books they read. Ants are Dr. Vivek’s inspiration. Their disciplined and unique way of greeting each other while moving in queues are traits he feels everyone should imbibe in their lives.

Always Open to Learning

He confesses that at a younger age he lacked the clarity of thought. In 2001, the Landmark Transformation Course with Mr. Gopal Rao (Basic + Advanced + SELP Levels) transformed him into a balanced person with absolute clarity of mind. This positively influenced his business. His way of conversing with the board of directors changed and his personality sharpened further.

The Integral Trait

Integrity is of paramount importance to Dr. Vivek. He keeps all his transactions transparent. For every personal matter, he strictly uses his personal debit cards and credit cards. As far as, his own purchases at Lawrence & Mayo are concerned, he stores every invoice. He pays even for printouts that his sons sometimes take at his office.

The Data Enthusiast

Even today Vivek reads voraciously. He makes use of his breakfast and travelling time to read. Mint, Indian Express, Hindu, Economic Times, and Times of India are newspapers he reads daily. In London, he reads newspapers with 80 pages sitting in parks. He has the habit of collecting newspaper clips too, for which he even carries a small blade in his wallet.

A Networker and a Relationship Builder

Dr. Vivek was a part of BNI that works towards connecting people and lending business opportunities. He has been among the first three BNI Ambassadors of India. Highly impressed by its concept of sharing, he went on to become the chapter director for 2 terms. Dr.Vivek then moved on to leading Dimensions, he is also a founder member of BOC, followed by Corporate Communications and IMC where he plans to be the chairman in the next 10 years.

Valuing People and Life

Dr. Vivek’s memories of their old driver’s death (Baburao) had left a mark in his heart. He understands the loss of a near and dear one, which propels him to help people and teach them to love life. This instinct made him save a young girl from committing suicide. He has been instrumental in enabling 4 persons to quit smoking forever and even helping a friend move out from debt and live a more dignified life.

The Positivity Seeker

Allowing a positive angle to any problem and making the best out of it was ingrained in Vivek’s nature at a very early age. The influence of his mentors, books, and countless seminars has made him a positive and possibility thinker. He says, “If I argue with someone and if that person happens to fall or gets a flat tyre, I will be the first person to lend a helping hand, even though he may be my worst enemy”.

The People’s Go-to-Person

Dr. Vivek younger son was born with a cleft palate. He, therefore, understands the needs of children with similar problems. So, through Mendonsa Trust Foundation and in collaboration with a German organization (ABMMS), based in Bengaluru, he is helping such children. He provides money for surgeries every month. He has a target to help 5000 children with cleft palates.

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For his elder son, born with Bi-lateral talipes equinovarus (club feet), who he and Suhani nearly lost on the operation table, when he was hardly 3 months old. That night Dr. Vivek stayed up the whole night and swung his ‘jhoola’ (traditional cot, made of cloth and two wooden partitions). His dream along with Dr. Suhani is to fund surgeries of children born with club feet, too.

A Global Citizen

Having visited 22 countries and 65 International cities. Vivek makes sure to buy a piece of local handicraft from every place he visits. It is his way of showing gratitude to the country of visit and the people he meets – a small step towards boosting their economy. Secondly, it keeps the memories of the place intact. He is also a strong believer and supporter of Make in India products.

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