The Momentum Builder

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The Beginning and the Growth

Vivek soon joined their family business at Lawrence & Mayo (L&M) as the office boy in 1992, cleaning glasses and helping with numerous odd jobs. Vivek had the urge to explore and move fast to the next level. He moved into different roles before joining the senior management position. In 1994, Vivek purchased his first commercial property for the company .

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Interestingly, on his first day at his Mumbai office, he went out for lunch to a nearby store and noticed an optician’s showroom. Few years later it was still at the same place. While in three years, Vivek and team multiplied to have around 10 branches. Today, the number of branches is 108. But the store he noticed still stands there in the same state.

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Charting New Waters

Vivek went to Jhana/Dyan Prabhodini, Pune for a diploma in optometry in 1992. At the same time his sister got four resignations for optometrist at L&M. They were running 12 to 14 branches without an optician. Seeing his sister distressed at this, Vivek took a big decision to ensure a steady flow of employable optometrist  in the country.

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There were only 12 institutes in India and 85 % of students went abroad. In 1996, at the age of 26, Vivek visited various institutes and finally after a number of refusals and hurdles, he struck a deal with the dean of Bharati Vidyapeeth College. Within two years he prepared the entire syllabus and launched the first degree college of optometry in Maharashtra becoming the vice principal at the age of 28. Since then, now 3500 students have graduated from this stream.
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Creating New Benchmarks

Passionate about Lynx Administrative Service, LAS; Vivek looks forward to build the next cadre of dedicated managers and executives providing latest technology and engineering services. He believes managers, teams, and committed employees are not created overnight. They have to be nurtured and coached. Team work is at the core of the success of the company.

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A workaholic, Vivek works up to 18 hours a day. His next goal is to augment his family business as an engineering enterprise. As a futuristic person, he has already laid the bricks for the company’s 150th year. Within the next 15 years, he plans to build a strong work force of dedicated, committed, and result oriented L&M brand ambassadors.

Growth of the Brand – Lawrence & Mayo

With relentless focus and drive, he , his Directors and their team has positioned Lawrence and Mayo as a world class brand rather than a mass brand. It’s a niche brand, an aspirational brand.

Business Success Results

  • 8 Business Verticals – managing and leading them towards sustainability and growth
  • Instrumental in L&M receiving 9 Global Awards for the Lynx portfolio
  • Transitioned L&M to represent in 17 countries
  • Record of more than 28 years of dedication, focus and innovative thinking at L&M
  • Representing 3 Japanese countries in India and ushering a new horizon for them
The difference between running your business and ruining it is the letter ‘I’.
– Dr .Vivek G Mendonsa