The Inspiring Personality

The People’s Leader

Dr. Vivek is a grounded and a humble person, who understands the sensibilities of people. The magic words ‘please’, ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’, and ‘excuse me’ does wonders for him. He is persistent and his ability to interpret people’s psychology helps him get his way with them.

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Vivek also counsels and mentors family businesses and helps them to stay united. Along with Dr. Suhani, he is passionately involved in pre-marital and post-marital counselling on pro bono basis.

People around Dr. Vivek often fail to think, ideate, and speak at the speed he does. But he ensures to match their speed for he believes in taking everyone ahead together.

Career Guidance and Motivational Speaker 

As a career guide and motivational speaker, he fills the room with immense energy and dynamism. Unlike most speakers, his approach is different. He reaches the venue early and spends time chatting with the students and their parents, without revealing his identity.  

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Dr. Vivek believes in interactive sessions. At the very start, he identifies the shy and the introvert participants so that they are at ease and involved in the session. He motives students to identify their areas of interest and pursue them.

Among innumerable students that he has guided, there has been an instance where he advised a student to pursue his hairdressing hobby as a career instead of a regular graduation degree which he didn’t enjoy. In another case he advised an MBA student to take up a job in a sports company owing to his flair for sports along with his unique marketing ideas. Dr. Vivek’s guidance proved to be the right career move for both the students.

The Entrepreneurs’ Mentor

Dr. Vivek advocates the habit of reading voraciously, attending seminars, conferences, and conclaves to gather knowledge, and sharing ideas with others. He quotes Dr. Velumani of Thyrocare, “Voice kills, data talks”.

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He further adds, “Move out of your office and comfort zone to meet other people and simultaneously help them”. These words find expression in his actions as he helps people in various ways like supporting students to get through admission procedures, getting people’s municipal work done, guiding individuals with income tax filing, and more.

The Believer  

It is Vivek’s belief that the law of gratitude always helps him and ushers abundance on him. It is this belief that works for him as he raises funds for the Mendonsa Foundation and puts it to the right use for the needy to benefit.

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When it comes to work, Vivek believes, “It is important to be a thought leader or a subject matter expert. If you start at the basic level you should follow the cycle to fellowship, research, and, finally, doctorate. You have to be at the top of your game otherwise you are nobody”.

Further, Dr. Vivek never says ‘no’ to people. He is ready to help them to the extent possible. He feels solving other’s problems is a way to earn their blessings as well as learn in the process. He calls it “Learn at Someone Else’s Expense”.

A leader’s job is to look into the future and see the organization, not as it is but as it should be.
– Jack Welch